Digital Publisher


The strength of a brand is also its ability to convey a mission and its values through storytelling. Some people call it brand storytelling: we prefer to present ourselves as digital publishers, working on the most incisive innovation stories of our time. For this reason, RndLab’s team is largely made up of professional journalists. We produce original content for our publications, designed and realized in partnership with Italian and international companies, our partners.


Web design &

Information Architecture 



A good digital experience allows people to establish a trusting relationship with the user, drawing in the first access and holding in the successive contacts. It is important to start from the User Experience design, as it represents the first step to a good online ranking. Made up of emotions and perceptions, the UX focuses on the characteristics and the needs of those who surf online.To position the brand and the company at the center of experience, we focus on identity and value position, through graphical languages and choices that convey the exact area of business and market positioning. All our sites are mobile first.

Social media management

To help companies to consolidate their online identity, through communication strategies that have a positive impact on the reputation and business. We develop digital publishing plans ad hoc, we provide on going monitoring of engagement, sentiment and hashtags performance. At the same time we propose actions from the medium to long term to strengthen brand awareness, maximizing the potential that web offers.