The Italian legislation and its practical applications as opportunities for startups and their partners

Italia Startup, the reference Association in the Italian startup ecosystem, promotes – together with 11 Professional Studies and 8 associated Incubators – a first cycle of training sessions and information that, taking a cue from the main aspects of Italian legislation and what happens on the market in terms of practical applications, provides to its members and more generally the community of startups and innovators of Italian, an update on the Italian law dedicated to innovative startups, along with practical advice on how to operate, starting from what happens every day on the market.

The 8 scheduled meetings are held from February to June 2016, in as many incubators / accelerators associated, based in Milan, according to the timetable set out below. The time of each event is from 6 to 7.30 p.m and includes an hour of discussion of the topic (including any case histories) and half an hour discussion with the participants.
The first meeting, entitled “Transforming the idea in startup: Choosing the type of company, statute and the register of companies” will be held on February 23th at the TAG in Milan and will be edited by Giovanella Condò of Studio Milano Notaio. Here to register.